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Payment methods

Payment methods

How can you pay? We try to make payment easier for our clients and offer them the most convenient way to pay for a selected stay.

Payment via internet banking

Payment for the stay via the ComGate Payments service, which is practically payment via your internet banking. The advantage of this payment is that you do not have to enter your credit card number. You just choose from our offer a bank with which you have internet banking and you can conveniently make a payment from your home. Payment is made practically online, there is an amount and a variable symbol of your invoice, which is also a reservation number. If the amount is not stated in advance, including the variable symbol, this information must be completed.

Link to payment method HERE

Payment by credit card

Payment by credit card, where, as in point 1, you fill in the amount to be paid and add a variable symbol, you will then be redirected to a secure page where you will make your own payment.

Link to payment method HERE

NOTICE! When entering your name, please do not use hooks, commas or umlauts.

Payment by standard bank transfer

Payment by standard bank transfer. Here we would like to inform you again that in order to facilitate the identification of the payment, it is necessary to fill in not only the amount to be paid but also the variable symbol of the invoice, which is also your reservation number.