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Drawing from FKSP

Drawing from FKSP

If your company or employer contributes to your holiday, we offer the option of invoicing this contribution and using it as payment for your holiday.

On the Hotel-Pension.cz portal, we will be happy to help you with the choice of holiday and, if your employer allows it, we will ensure drawing from the Cultural and Social Needs Fund (FKSP) from your employer.

Does your employer offer you to draw funds from the so-called cultural and social needs fund and you do not know how to best use the FKSP contribution?

When choosing a stay, please do not forget to include in your note the billing data of your employer that you are applying for a FKSP.

Based on this data and the information in the sent reservation, we will send your employer an invoice for the payment of the stay.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email info@ingtours.cz or by phone at +420 499 453 627 or +420 499 453 629

What is FKSP?

Behind the abbreviation FKSP is a fund for cultural and social needs. In this way, all state and contributory organizations have it at their disposal and use it for the benefit of their employees.

On our portal Hotel-Pension.cz you can now use it in all our offers, so you can take a break from work duties and recharge your batteries.

However, as we know how difficult a purchase at FKSP can be, we have tried to simplify the whole process for you as much as possible so that the purchase and subsequent payment by your employer is as simple as possible.