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Current stay packages

Wandering with monsters (from 2 nights)

Wandering with monsters (from 2 nights)

from 4780 Kč
from 2 nights from 2 persons

Wandering with the Harrachov monsters in the Giant Mountains: buffet half board, swimming pool, afternoon coffee and cake, Harrachov Card

Ladies ride (2 nights)

Ladies ride (2 nights)

from 7920 Kč
from 2 nights from 2 persons

An ideal stay in Jeseníky for all friends: half board, a bottle of wine and wellness

Cycling package - beer trail (2 nights)

Cycling package - beer trail (2 nights)

from 7630 Kč
from 2 nights from 2 persons

Beer bike - tour in the Eagle Mountains: breakfast, electric bike rental, hot tub, swimming pool and wellness

Special Offers

2023-04-25T07:38:04+02:00 25.04.2023

Perfect relaxation in Hluboká nad Vltavou

Parkhotel Hluboká is located near one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic.
2023-03-24T13:17:59+01:00 24.03.2023

Relaxation and relaxing days on Šírava in the Thermal Resort

Immerse yourself in relaxation all year round and enjoy a stay full of wellness lounging, swimming, warming up and massages.
2023-03-10T13:51:12+01:00 10.03.2023

Relaxation and pampering in the thermal baths

Thermal baths are no longer just for the poor. And the best part? You don't have to go far behind them. Get to know the TOP thermal spas near the Czech border and experience the power of spas for yourself.
2023-02-17T16:13:44+01:00 17.02.2023

Stay near Křivoklátsk with unlimited wellness

Do you want to have a great rest? Stay at the Lions Hotel, which is located in a beautiful location in Nesuchyn na Rakovnick.
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