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List of articles

2023-09-08T10:37:22+02:00 08.09.2023

A fun-filled stay in the water paradise of Aquapark Babylon

Wellness hotel Babylon is part of the unique entertainment, relaxation and educational complex of the Babylon center in Liberec.
2023-08-08T17:08:24+02:00 08.08.2023

Wigvam resort in Němčice near Kolín

Experiential accommodation in a luxurious marigontka, a wooden barrel, or in a barrel apartment
2023-07-14T09:11:43+02:00 14.07.2023

Summer vacation in Luhačovice

Hotel Vega is located in a place with romantic views unobstructed by surrounding buildings, a quiet and peaceful place without traffic congestion and city noise, a safe place even for the smallest children
2023-07-01T10:35:08+02:00 01.07.2023

Experience the most beautiful vacation in TMR hotels

Book a stay full of experiences in one of the Tatry Mountain Resorts (TMR) hotels
2023-06-06T07:18:38+02:00 06.06.2023

Active stay by the Baltic Sea

Luxurious Wydma Resort with swimming pool, salt cave, excellent cuisine and great wellness.
2023-04-25T07:38:04+02:00 25.04.2023

Perfect relaxation in Hluboká nad Vltavou

Parkhotel Hluboká is located near one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic.
2023-03-24T13:17:59+01:00 24.03.2023

Relaxation and relaxing days on Šírava in the Thermal Resort

Immerse yourself in relaxation all year round and enjoy a stay full of wellness lounging, swimming, warming up and massages.
2023-03-10T13:51:12+01:00 10.03.2023

Relaxation and pampering in the thermal baths

Thermal baths are no longer just for the poor. And the best part? You don't have to go far behind them. Get to know the TOP thermal spas near the Czech border and experience the power of spas for yourself.
2023-02-17T16:13:44+01:00 17.02.2023

Stay near Křivoklátsk with unlimited wellness

Do you want to have a great rest? Stay at the Lions Hotel, which is located in a beautiful location in Nesuchyn na Rakovnick.
2023-01-06T18:47:50+01:00 06.01.2023

Let yourself be pampered in the heart of the Beskydy

Wellness Resort Energetic located in a quiet part, close to nature, in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.
2022-12-19T09:33:10+01:00 19.12.2022

Karlova Studánka, beautiful winter nature and peace

Enjoy the beautiful winter nature around Karlova Studánka.
2022-10-24T18:31:06+02:00 24.10.2022

Stay in Hévíz, Hungary, just a short distance from the shores of Lake Balaton

The Palace Hotel is located in the heart of the picturesque town of Hévíz, not far from the famous thermal lake with a spa (500 m). Get wet in the water springing from the local healing springs, or under the surface of the nearby Lake Balaton.
2022-10-06T08:11:20+02:00 06.10.2022

A relaxing stay in the charming foothills of the Hostýn and Vizovice Hills

A spa holiday is the ideal combination of relaxation and health care. There is something for everyone at Lázně Kostelec u Zlín.
2022-09-21T16:27:16+02:00 21.09.2022

A wellness stay at the Karos Spa hotel with a rich program for families with children

Go to Hungary and stay in the famous spa town of Zalakaros, where the Karos Spa hotel with a perfect wellness center is located.
2022-09-07T16:22:59+02:00 07.09.2022

Wellness stay in the mountain hotel Zátiší in Špindlerův Mlýn

The three-star Zátiší hotel is situated in the amazing Krkonoše nature with a unique location, offering comfortable accommodation with a view of the valley of St. Petr, the Goat's ridge and the Stoh slope.
2022-08-22T17:08:29+02:00 22.08.2022

Rest and relaxation in the center of Mariánek

Get to know the beauty of Mariánské Lázně and see, stay right in the city center, just a 4-minute walk from the famous Singing Fountain.
2022-07-25T11:12:12+02:00 25.07.2022

Hotel Špindlerova Bouda, your holiday in the middle of Krkonoše nature

Go to Špindlerova Bouda Hotel for fun, relaxation and maybe even good food.
2022-07-15T12:43:13+02:00 15.07.2022

Fairytale relaxation in a luxury hotel in the High Tatras

In the High Tatras at the Lesná Hotel, in addition to its beauty, you can also enjoy perfect wellness care, top services and great food.
2022-06-22T19:39:36+02:00 22.06.2022

Luxury resort in the Tatras with wellness, 3D maze and excellent food

Are you attracted by a holiday in a family resort, which is surrounded by beautiful nature?
2022-06-15T11:57:55+02:00 15.06.2022

Summer holidays in Hungary with unlimited wellness and tickets to the thermal baths

The luxurious Hotel Piroska is located in the heart of Bük, between the foothills of the Alps and the Little Hungarian Plain.
2022-06-03T12:52:42+02:00 03.06.2022

In two or with the family to the thermal spa Velký Meder in Slovakia

Are you already calling for summer holidays and related experiences? You can enjoy a fantastic holiday at the Orchidea Hotel in Velký Meder near the Corvinus swimming pool.
2022-05-18T08:23:07+02:00 18.05.2022

Summer stay in a hotel on the shores of Lake Macha

Spend a real summer vacation on the shores of Lake Macha in the popular Hotel Bezděz.
2022-05-06T15:04:51+02:00 06.05.2022

Holidays in South Moravia with a bath or unlimited beer consumption

Hotel Kyjovský Pivovar is located almost in the very center of the royal town of Kyjov, in the tourist-attractive folklore and viticulture promised region Slovácko.
2022-04-11T15:05:19+02:00 11.04.2022

Holidays under the peak Kriváň, a place where you can best turn off

Do you really want to relax, forget about everyday worries and recharge your batteries? Hotel Pieris is the best tip!
2022-03-30T10:25:09+02:00 30.03.2022

Relax in the beautiful Grand Hotel by Macha Lake below Bezděz Castle

Come and relax in the new wellness center and enjoy great food in the restaurant.
2022-03-18T13:59:36+01:00 18.03.2022

Stay in a hotel in the middle of the Jizera Mountains

Visit the stylish hotel, located by the forest and the river Kamenice. The surroundings of the hotel offer great conditions for both hiking and cycling.
2022-03-15T09:03:46+01:00 15.03.2022

Spring stay in Luhačovice

Go for relaxation and trips to the beautiful spa town of Luhačovice.
2022-02-23T16:54:19+01:00 23.02.2022

Let yourself be cared for in the hands of experts and visit Františkovy Lázně

Spa & Kur Hotel Harvey is an ideal choice for your spa or relaxation stay in Františkovy Lázně. Come alone, with your dear half or straight with the whole family.
2022-02-04T08:23:12+01:00 04.02.2022

Relaxing weekend for two

It's time for a relaxing weekend! Treat yourself to a relaxing weekend for two and enjoy the beauty of doing nothing and pampering or active rest. We will advise you on where to go, whether you are going in a couple or with a friend. Do you prefer active relaxation, spa treatments or mountain wellness?
2022-01-26T09:00:35+01:00 26.01.2022

Head to the thermal baths. They are waiting for you

Staying in a swimming pool with thermal water helps against stress, joint diseases, and you also get a great warm-up. Enjoy your holiday in Slovak, Hungarian or Slovenian spas, the choice is yours.
2022-01-14T13:12:00+01:00 14.01.2022

Tips for stays during the spring holidays

Wondering where to go about spring break 2022? Go to a wellness stay, for example in the mountains and enjoy a lot of pampering. Prepare a great spring break for children.
2022-01-03T09:11:56+01:00 03.01.2022

Active holiday in the Aquapark hotel in Špindlerův Mlýn

Stay at the foot of Medvědín just a step away from the slopes and the cable car and experience wonderful relaxation in the Giant Mountains.
2021-12-22T16:46:26+01:00 22.12.2021

Amazing stay in exotic Lobster apartments in Senec, Slovakia

Head to the Lobster Apartments on Sunny Lakes, where original Polynesian-style bungalows are available.
2021-11-08T17:21:13+01:00 08.11.2021

Come to Benecko! Fun for children and relaxation for parents await you

The mountain family hotel and restaurant ProFamily Hotel Top Benecko offers accommodation in the beautiful nature of the Krkonoše National Park. The hotel offers plenty of activities for your little ones and relaxation in the hotel wellness.
2021-10-29T11:37:22+02:00 29.10.2021

A magical Advent in South Moravia with a St. Martin's menu and wine tasting

Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful autumn in South Moravia, where not only wine delights await you, but also beautiful nature - the meanders of the Morava River, the floodplain forests of the Lednice-Valtice area and the charming Pálava.
2021-10-22T15:42:44+02:00 22.10.2021

Relax in Hluboká nad Vltavou with wellness and trips around

Who wouldn't want to rest and let go of all worries for a while?
2021-10-11T17:18:30+02:00 11.10.2021

Active autumn stay in the Giant Mountains with wellness, swimming pool and trips

Do you need to recharge your batteries? Come to us in Špindlerův Mlýn, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy our hotel wellness and procedures.
2021-09-23T14:03:54+02:00 23.09.2021

Go for active rest to Harrachov

The Krkonoše Mountains have a lot to offer in every season and now they invite you to a wonderful holiday, for example with the whole family.
2021-09-22T10:08:39+02:00 22.09.2021

Stay in Luhačovice with spa procedures, Harmony for body and soul

Embark on experiences and relaxation in the beautiful spa town of Luhačovice.
2021-09-07T14:58:16+02:00 07.09.2021

Beautiful days in the Luhačovice, full of pure nature and lovely surroundings

Go for relaxation to the beautiful spa town of Luhačovice. From the high-rise Hotel Vega you will have a wonderful view of the green hills below Komonec and the water area of the dam.
2021-08-27T14:03:56+02:00 27.08.2021

Active relaxation stay in Špindlerův Mlýn for couples and families

Go to the mountains in September or October? Plan your autumn stay and enjoy it to the fullest.
2021-08-18T10:12:51+02:00 18.08.2021

For the beauty and experiences of Jindřich Hradec

Come to the Frankův Dvůr hotel and restaurant and you will experience a wonderful vacation during which you will eat very well and rest well.
2021-08-10T17:28:23+02:00 10.08.2021

Stay in the Slovenian spa town of Zreče

Enjoy the perfect holiday in a beautiful corner of Slovenia. You will be staying at Hotel Brinje, which is an ideal starting point for all lovers of hiking, cycling and natural beauty.
2021-08-05T15:15:28+02:00 05.08.2021

Active rest with trips in Janské Lázně, just a short walk from the treetop trail.

Enjoy August and September in the Giant Mountains. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and embark on an adventurous journey not only to the treetops, but also to their roots.
2021-08-02T10:14:25+02:00 02.08.2021

Recharge your batteries in the middle of nature in the quiet surroundings of Lesní Lázně

Unique location, beautiful nature and a wide range of services, this is the Lesní Lázně resort.
2021-07-26T15:06:17+02:00 26.07.2021

Summer relaxation with trips with a beautiful view of the Giant Mountains

Wake up to nature, open the window and breathe in the fresh mountain air.
2021-07-19T11:17:20+02:00 19.07.2021

With family or two for experiences in Jičín

Are you looking for a well-deserved relaxation on holiday, or do you prefer active rest with hiking, entertainment and sports experiences? We have a great tip for you!
2021-07-09T15:19:35+02:00 09.07.2021

Relaxing stay in Hévíz, Hungary with access to the experience spa

Visit the NaturMed Hotel Carbona **** Superior, which boasts the award-winning, best wellness hotel in Hungary.
2021-06-25T13:31:16+02:00 25.06.2021

To the Kingdom of Experiences! Stay for two and the whole family in the Bešeňová Water Park with thermal pools

Hotel Bešeňová has been a popular place for family holidays for many years due to its location directly in the area of the water park.
2021-06-18T17:12:48+02:00 18.06.2021

A beneficial stay in a Slovenian spa or trips to beautiful nature at a discount

In Slovenia, you can visit a total of 15 thermal baths, which is a respectable number in a small country.